Some sad news from Hollywood Land to report on. Actor Michael Clarke Duncan is dead at age 54.

Kristen Stewart’s Parents Are Divorcing


From one divorce to the next we have more bad relationship news for Kristen Stewart. Her parents are splitting up. Mom Jules Stewart filed for divorce on August 17th in L.A., citing irreconcilable differences. She and Kristen's dad, John Stewart, had been married for 27 years. Jules is a writer/director and John is a TV producer and stage manager.


Chuck Norris Claims A "Thousand Years of Darkness" Will Happen If Obama Wins Election



Clint Eastwood isn't the only aging celeb who wants President Obama to lose the upcoming election. Chuck Norris has released a YouTube video encouraging evangelical Christians to vote or else "our country as we know it may be lost forever" and a "thousand years of darkness" will descend upon the land.


Michael Clarke Duncan Dead At 54


Michael Clarke Duncan has passed away from a heart attack at age 54, according to his fiancee. Duncan first entered Hollywood doing bit parts in films like ‘Friday’ and ‘Bullworth’ often playing a security guards or bouncers (and often credited as ‘Big Mike” Duncan). It was his turn as “Bear” in Michael Bay’s 1998 film ‘Armageddon’ that could be considered his big breakthrough role, and it kept getting better as the next year he received an Academy Award nomination for his work in ‘The Green Mile.’ There he played John Coffey, a simple man about to be executed by the state, but one with incredible powers (note his initials).


Celebrity Of The Day



Lets honor Michael’s life today with making him our Celeb Of The Day.


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