This Epic Rock Tale was told to us by former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted. Back in his days with the thrash titans, Newsted would encounter some pretty insane fans, including one who decided to throw darts at Metallica while they were performing.

Newsted told us how protective James Hetfield was of his bandmates back in the day, protecting them at any cost, especially when performing. At this particular show, darts started flying in from somewhere in the crowd, landing just inches away from Hetfield. The frontman and security were able to find and point out the culprit, but the story doesn’t end there.

The bassist also talks about a fan who ended up rushing the stage. The smaller kid found himself face-to-face with a massive security guard, but managed to evade the hulking man. With each time the kid ducked the guard, the audience cheered with excitement. Eventually, the kid’s luck ran out as he found himself trapped at the edge of the stage.

Rather than face a potential beatdown or being thrown out of the Metallica show, the kid decided to stage dive into the crowd. However, he realized the fault of his decision once he crashed into amphitheater seating. Let’s just say it didn’t end well for the young fan, but you can check it out for yourself in the Epic Rock Tale above!

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