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Newsted Cancels More Concert Dates
Not long after departing Megadeth's Sidewave shows, Newsted is cancelling concert dates through March -- including a scheduled appearance at the Soundwave Festival in Australia. Details on just why remain sketchy.
Megadeth Denies Kicking Newsted Off Tour
If you've been struggling over who to support in the rumored Megadeth/Jason Newsted feud, take it easy. According to a rep for Megadeth, the rumors surrounding Newsted's recent exit from the Megadeth tour aren't true.
Metallica Alumni Feud? Megadeth Boots Newsted Off Tour
Given that they are both former members of Metallica, one would think Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted would get along famously. However, that appears not to be the case, as we learn that Newsted's self-titled band has been thrown off an Australian tour by headliners Megadeth.
Megadeth Cover Metallica's 'Phantom Lord' With Jason Newsted
With two former members of Metallica touring the continent together as part of Gigantour 2013, it was pretty much a given that Megadeth's Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted would share a stage at some point. It took a while, but that collaboration finally took place last night (Aug. 11) in To…