The ONLY negative part about McDonald's breakfast is how early they stop serving it! Many people, especially on the weekend, are not up in time to enjoy all that goodness. Now, McDonald's has decided to try out the all-day breakfast menu in select locations.

Adam Sandler demonstrated how frustrating this can be in his film "Big Daddy."

We've all been there! Right now the 24-hour breakfast menu will be experimented on in the San Diego market, but if successful may expand to other cities, hopefully Central New York! According to an article on the Business Insider website, McDonald's gave a legitimate reason for not having done this sooner.

'It comes down to the sheer size of kitchen grills,' the company says on its website. 'They simply don't have the room for all of our menu options at one time — especially considering we use our grill to prepare many items on our breakfast menu.'

Sometimes all you need is a little breakfast during the day and hopefully the wildly popular fast-food company will realize that. I'm sure they can afford some bigger grills if they needed them! Let's all hope one day soon to be sharing a McGriddle together for dinner.