No, this is not the 2nd of 2 full moons for May, this is a different kind of Blue Moon.

May 2019 has a 'Seasonal Blue Moon.' If a season has 4 Full Moons, then the 3rd is traditionally called a Seasonal Blue Moon.

We had no idea there were two types of a Blue Moon, did you?

Here are definitions for 'Blue Moons' according to the Farmers Almanac.

Seasonal Blue Moon: The extra full Moon that occurs within a season. One season—winter, spring, fall, summer—typically has three full moons. If a season has four full moons, then the third full moon in the season may be called a Blue Moon.

  • Calendrical Blue Moon: The second full moon of a calendar month. It takes our Moon about 29.5 days to complete one cycle of phases (from new Moon to new Moon), so if a full Moon occurs on the first of a month, there will be a second full Moon at the end of the month, too (except in February).

No a Blue Moon is not actually blue, and we can't forget about the phrase 'once in a blue moon' which means rarely happens and is not taken literally.

The 4 Full Spring Moons:
Full Worm Moon: March 20 at 9:43 P.M. EDT
Full Pink Moon: April 19 7:12 A.M. EDT
Full Flower Moon: May 18 at 5:11 P.M. EDT <-– Blue Moon
Full Strawberry Moon: June 17 at 4:31 A.M. EDT

May's Full Moon is also called:

  • Full Flower Moon
  • Mother’s Moon
  • Milk Moon
  • Corn Planting Moon

Best Days In May 2019:

For Gardening:

  • Planting aboveground crops: 8, 9
  • Planting belowground crops: 26–28
  • Removing pests and weeds: 1–3, 29, 30

Setting Eggs: 14–16, 23, 24
Fishing: 4–18
Travel for pleasure: 10, 11
Go camping: 19, 20

Full Moon Folklore:

  • Clothes washed for the first time in the Full Moon will not last long.
  • The Full Moon is an ideal time to accept a proposal of marriage.

[Information from Farmers Almanac]

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