I think this is only the beginning for Matt and Ellen. He was a slow starter, hopefully when he gets going there is no stopping him. Ellen asked for it! LOL! She was pranking him and the rest of the Today team again and again. 

Kevin Winter/GettyImages
Kevin Winter/GettyImages

Matt Lauer said he was going to get his revenge. I thought he was taking way to long to do SOMETHING! Ellen was getting him again and again with Matt doing nothing to even the score.  I was secretly saying "It's time Matt".

20,000 ping pong balls! What a mess! She tries to say the joke's on Matt because she's starting a beer pong tournament and she had to buy ping pong balls anyway. LOL! I'm scared for him. Ellen say's "now it's on". It was supposed to be closure for Matt now he's going to have to hire some bodyguards and always be looking over his shoulder. I 'm glad I'm just a spectator and not a participant in this game!!!

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oh man...Matty Lauer...best of luck. George Clooney moved his office bc of Ellen's wrath. Lmao...this did take a LOT of BALLS!!! Well played, lauer. But you're screwed...HAHAHA!!!

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