The yard at Wood Bull is packed with thousands of items from weather vanes and old farm equipment to pottery, old road signs, and life-sized fiberglass cows. Owner Kip Coburn says, "we don't need to advertise much, our front yard is all we need."

When asked how many pieces they have displayed, Coburn said; "they tried to figured it out once and ...over 100,000 pieces would be at least in the ballpark."

The barn itself dates back to 1880 and has 60 rooms spread over four floors. Each of those rooms is packed with items, and even more, hanging on display from the rafters. If you think you can see everything in just a couple of hours just no way that will happen.

Coburn is an antique expert with an eye for the odd and unusual. The barn reflects his travels and features items he has brought back from Mali, China, India, Morocco, Thailand and other places around the globe.

Ready to take a Sunday drive to Wood Bull? plug 3920 Route 28, Milford, New York into your GPS.

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