You may remember trick-or-treating or going to the haunted house at Stone Barn Castle in Vienna, but now Adrien Brody has since turned it into his home and shot the whole seven-year process on film. He bought it back in 2007 and it took him another seven years to renovate it by (largely by himself) for he and his then girlfriend. Besides the neat fact that a Hollywood Actor occasionally hangs in CNY (I remember seeing him eat at the Crazy Clam when I played there some years back (probably while working on the castle,)) he had a film crew document his efforts the whole time and the result was released back in 2015 at SXSW.

Showtime with Adrien Brody at the Crazy Clam (2012)
Showtime with Adrien Brody at the Crazy Clam (2012)

Above is the teaser trailer for the film and below is some footage of him talking about his journey and why he even composed some of the music to it. As far as I can tell, this film was only screened the one time and isn't available for commercial viewing or purchase.


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