Well, it's no secret that artists aren't perfect, but it really sucks when one has an imperfect night all over national TV for several million people to witness

. Mariah was a no-show for the pre-taping the day before the 2014 Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting so she was forced to do her performance live instead. You may've seen the result on Wednsday night, but here's the isolated mic feed without the support of the back-up track. Mimi is definitely in need of some emancipation now.



And now with the rest of the audio included like you saw on TV...



She may've had monitor issues (unlikely), vocal nodes, divorce obligations plus the pressure of performing sans rehearsal, but there is no denying that Mariah's voice just simply wasn't up up to the task. As a performer myself, I hate to see anyone have a night like this, but that said, she did try her best to adapt when she realized that she couldn't sing it the way she had planned.

This is a perfect lesson in the importance of vocal technique any way you slice it. I've got a performance tonight and my voice isn't feeling up to the task either, but thankfully I'm playing for a few dozen people instead of the entire world. On a lighter note, here's Mariah during a much happier moment not long ago, surprising a bunch of lucky fans (one of which we've had on this station multiple times. Look for Michael Mott around 2:30 in)



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