Central New Yorker's will be all over Disney next week for a cheer competition. Another team, the Marcy-Deerfield JV Pop Warner is now headed to Disney.

All twelve girls will be competing against girls from all over the country on December 5th in Disney. WKTV reports that the team is now practicing around the clock in preparation for the competition.

“Any sport I think is a team dynamic, and they definitely have to work in a team dynamic for this. Especially getting girls up into the stunts and the tumbling aspect of it. I mean we work for hours, just like any other sport, to make sure that people are safe, and up in the air and, you know not falling, and together, and it's just a team union,” said JV Pop Warner Cheerleader Coach Robin Taylor."

The team is hosting a GoFundMe trying to raise $15,000. At the time of this story, they are at $205.

Between the locals and Regional competitions, these girls walked away with 4 first place wins. They are very proud of themselves and are now ready to take on more competition in Disney."

Donate today and help these girls head to Disney.

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