Cheerleaders In Bikinis Use POV Hula Hoop
The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are easily the most recognizable cheerleaders with their show stopping uniforms but they've decided to step up their game by stripping down to bikinis and grabbing a hula hoop with a POV, point of view, camera.
Utica Comets Name 12 Members to New Cheering Squad
More than 30 ladies competed on Saturday at Hotel Utica to become members of the inaugural Utica Comettes, a hockey cheer squad that will rally the fans at Utica Comets games this season.
The Comettes are a 12 member high-energy dance team that will entertain fans at Comets home games throughout the …
"The Chainsaw" [VIDEO]
The Oregon State University cheerleaders are introducing a new move for fans to show off between third and fourth quarters from now on. It's called "The Chainsaw."

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