This serves as another example to be safe when in the great outdoors, but reassured there are always people there to save you.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) was recently called out to Inman Gulf in the Town of Pinckney to help a man in distress. To say distress is putting it lightly, considering the nasty fall he took off the trail.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

The 22-year-old from Texas had fallen 50 feet down an embankment and was unable to get up. Though he tried, the man was dealing with severe ankle injuries, making him unable to get back up and out of the woods alone.

DEC Forest Rangers were sent to Lewis County to help find the man. Thanks to them, and help from the three surrounding fire departments, they were able to locate the man near a lean-to at the end of the trail.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Because of how steep the trail and dangerous the stream bed was, the Rangers determined the safest way to get the man out would be by a rope rescue. A total of seven Rangers worked to get the man into a litter and then raise him back up the embankment.

The Forest Rangers made it to Inman Gulf around 12:49pm and were able to clear out of the area by 6:06pm.

family hiking in the forest with baby in child carrier

Rangers want to remind everyone going out into the woods, whether you are hiking, camping, or even working, to always keep a phone or some sort of communication on hand. You never know when you could find yourself in a situation like this one. And without a way to call for help, you could be in deeper trouble.

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