People sometimes cheat in relationships.  It is an unfortunate fact of life.  If you are growing suspicious that your partner is being lead astray and need to find out the truth, here’s one method we do not recommend: hiring someone hotter than you as bait to seduce your potentially unfaithful companion and pray that it will all turn out well.

Samantha Phipps,  a 26-year-old administrator from Bristol, England, was beginning to question her 32- year-old boyfriend Jack Ewing’s loyalty.  After a year of living together, in what she described as a ‘fantastic relationship,’ Phipps felt something just didn’t seem right.  We should add that she had moved herself in after only six weeks of dating.

To catch her creepily-mustached companion, she took to a reliable source known as the ‘internet’ and found a woman named “Miss Honeytrap” who specialized in this sort of charade.  A couple of Euros later a plan was hatched for Honeytrap to casually bump into Ewing at a bar and let enough events unfold so that Phipps could catch them in the act.

In a Hollywood twist that should surprise no one, Phipps found both Ewing and Jane (which is her given name since Honeytrap would be way too convenient for her aforementioned hobby) canoodling at a bar.  In typical crazy woman fashion, Phipps threw her drink in Jane’s face and demanded a refund.

To Jane’s credit, she did offer a 50% off coupon for the next person Phipps wants Miss Honeytrap to spy on.

[Via UK Mirror]