This easily could be the most expensive home in this portion of New York, even if you could never afford to live here, you can dream. Check out these incredible pictures.

Everyone has an answer for this question, what would you own if you struck it rich? Some would give to charity, others would buy fancy cars. Would you be the person to drop $49 million dollars on a home? If you did for this one in Savannah, you get more than that. You'd also get a massive compound with its own bridge and numerous houses. Oh, and a huge wine cave.

For the majority of people in this world, a home like this is purely a fantasy. Fantasize yourself inside this home snuggled under a comfy blanket with the wooden beams watching Christmas movies in December. This house has that kind of warmth to it. Every aspect of the home is beyond mind-blowing. The detail in and of itself is very impressive. Then you see the kitchen, the docking area mid-water, a second building that easily could be a restaurant, and so on.

Like leaf peeping? This home is for you. Forget hitting up a gondola on a mountain in the Adirondacks, you are surrounded by all things nature at this secluded mansion. But it isn't just a one-season wonder, this would be amazing in all seasons of the year.

Keep scrolling down and be amazed there is a house this nice in Savannah, NY.

Check This Out: $49 Million Dollar Home In Savannah, NY

Located in Savannah, NY, this home boasts quite a few impressive things. It is surrounded by a massive pond. It has unique architecture inside and out. Also, you will be surrounded by nothing but nature. A wine cave, numerous professional kitchens, and outbuildings that have more than the average luxury home.

Attitude Adjustment Road, Savannah, New York 13146 United States

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