Another beautiful home with New York Yankee pedigree is up for sale, this time in Westchester County. Let's take a look inside the former home of one of the most famous baseball players of all time, Lou Gehrig.

Yankee Homes for Sale in New York

This isn't the first time this year that a home with ties to Yankee royalty has hit the market. The massive castle on Greenwood Lake in the Hudson Valley that was listed for sale earlier this year used to be owned by none other than Derek Jeter (below). We'll check out more of Jeter's pad in a second, but let's get to the main attraction...

Diane S Mitchell/Wright Bros Real Estate Inc. via Zillow
This literal castle used to be owned by Derek Jeter (Diane S Mitchell/Wright Bros Real Estate Inc. via Zillow)

Lou Gehrig's New Rochelle, NY Home

Lou Gehrig, along with Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth, and even the above-mentioned Derek Jeter, are some of the most well-know Yankees in history. Interestingly, at just over 3,100 square-feet, Gehrig's former New Rochelle, NY home is just a fraction of the size of Jeter's castle. The history, however, may be richer.

Douglas Elliman/Zillow
Lou Gehrig's former home in New Rochelle, NY (Douglas Elliman/Zillow)

New York Yankee Home for Sale in Westchester County, NY

The location of this home is perfect for any Yankees fan (or player, clearly). Located just 14 miles away from Yankee stadium, your commute would only be 30 minutes long to catch a game. The house also acts as a reminder that athletes weren't always gazillionaires. Though the home is listed at almost $1.5 million, a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home is relatively humble when compared to the mansions of today (*cough*Jeter's Castle*cough*). It looks so unassuming on the street, too (below).


Inside the home, however, you'll find a totally renovated beauty. From the gorgeous kitchen and clawfoot tub to the parquet floors and pristine backyard, this home would be a huge score for anyone, baseball fanatic or not. Check out the interior photos below, and keep scrolling to see more shots of that unbelievable castle that used to be part of the Jeter real estate portfolio.

Lou Gehrig's Former Home for Sale in Westchester County, NY

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