Some kids have a fear of flying while some consider it a treat on par with eating an ice cream cone.

Four-year-old Léa Langumier went up in a plane piloted by her dad outside Montreal for her first aerobatic ride. Was she afraid when he turned the plane upside down? In a word, no.

Léa was all about the inversions by her dad, as her contagious laugh certainly proves.

If you speak French, you know that she says, "Papa, I want my head upside down again."

After they touched down, her father said, "She went to tell her mother and even called her grandmother to let her know what she had done." It certainly tops telling your grandma you went to the zoo, right?

It looks like a career in the clouds is in store for Léa. Her dad is a pilot and her mother is a flight attendant -- a job which she wants to do when she grows up. Looks like she's well on her way.

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