This fawn had quite a fall and survived to tell his mom about it thanks to a New York State Trooper who was quick to help.

It's really incredible to see all the wildlife New York State Troopers rescue. Here's another one to add to the books. This little fawn fell into a recently poured concrete foundation. Wait, what?

The property owners called for our help, and Trooper Guerriere was able to make a successful rescue! The fawn was left to reunite with Mom, which experts say is best with healthy wild animals. [New York State Police]

Thankfully Trooper Guerriere made it to the construction site quickly and rescued the fawn, cleaned it up a bit, and let mom take it from there. If the fawn had been injured, it would have been taken to a wildlife sanctuary to heal and hopefully be released back into the wild.

Animal sightings and encounters are not unusual this time of year as babies quickly venture away from mom on wobbly legs and sometimes get themselves into trouble. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) reminds New Yorkers to enjoy wildlife and their young from a safe distance and resist the urge to touch or pick up newborn fawns and other young wildlife. The DEC uses the slogan "If You Care, Leave It There."

Most fawns are born during late May and early June. For the first week or so, fawns are left alone concealed in tall grass except when nursing. If you find a fawn, do not touch it, it's doubtful a doe will abandon its young. The DEC says if the doe detects human presence, the doe may delay its next visit to nurse.

A fawn's best chance to survive is to be raised by the adult doe. Fawns nurse three to four times a day, usually for less than 30 minutes at a time, but otherwise the doe keeps her distance. This helps reduce the chance that a predator will follow her to the fawn. A fawn's protective coloration and ability to remain motionless help it avoid detection by predators and people. [DEC]

Young wildlife are not pets. Keeping wildlife in captivity is both illegal and harmful to the animal.

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