After a tumultuous few years that included a divorce, a cancelled reality show, and her first new music in nearly 15 years, Lita Ford is ready to continue her solo career with her eighth solo album, titled ‘Living Like a Runaway.’

Scheduled for release on June 19 in North America, ‘Living Like a Runaway’ finds Ford writing and producing with guitarist Gary Hoey. In the press release announcing the album, she called the experience “truly a dream come true,” adding, “We have dumped out hearts and souls into this amazing CD. Along with a lot of tears, pain, heartache, laughter, ripping out hair, going hungry, losing sleep and a lot of frequent flyer miles. ‘Living Like a Runaway’ is like being able to walk through fire and coming out the other side unscathed.”

In a recent interview, Ford promised her new music would take a “back to basics” approach, saying, “We want to strip away all the electronics and plug-ins and keep it to vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Going back to basics is going back to what punk, metal and the Runaways was for me.”

Ford will promote ‘Living Like a Runaway’ — which is scheduled to be released in a variety of different configurations, including gatefold vinyl and limited edition Digipak — on tour with Def Leppard and Poison this summer. “We are honored with this awesome tour and being able to play with these brilliant musicians,” she said in her press release, promising, “strap in tight, it’s going to be one powerful journey.”

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