This is why we can't have nice things. A library has been forced to issue warning to its patrons after one tried to microwave books to 'sanitize' them, and we're sure the Utica and New Hartford libraries would agree.

We've all been extra cautious about keeping things clean since this whole pandemic happened - but it's possible to take things too far. Definitely don't drink any cleaning products, and don't bathe in a bleach solution like Chris Cuomo's wife. Don't try to microwave your mask. Now we've got one more thing to add to the list of NOT TO DOs: don't microwave your library books.

Yup - this needs to be said. Someone tried to microwave their library books in an effort to 'sanitize' them. The security stickers contain metal, and they caught on fire. Of course, microwaving a book can cause the plastic cover wrap to melt, or you can burn the paper (as anyone who has tried to reheat a paper coffee cup for too long can attest).

The Michigan library was forced to post a warning on its Facebook page.

If you're concerned about library books you bring home, keep in mind that libraries are quarantining returned books for 72 hours before they are can be re-loaned to a new patron. In a study, it was determined that coronavirus is "undetectable" on library materials after three days. 

Many libraries in the Mid-York Library System are offering curbside pickup of books, and return bins are open as well - including the New Hartford, and Utica Public Libraries. Just uh, don't microwave your book.


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