In a recent interview with Finland's KaaosTV, Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee shares some news that will be music to the ears of the legions of their fans: Lemmy is on the mend.

Over the course of the last year, the health of Motorhead's iconic frontman has been thrust into the spotlight on numerous occasions, causing genuine concern that years of hard-living had finally caught up with the vocalist.

In the interview taped last week, Dee insists that Lemmy is doing much better these days: "He's been good for awhile," Dee confirms in the video. "He's working hard on his health. We just did three weeks in the United States. He's up and about. But Lemmy is much better and he played great on this US leg. He looks good."

It was on that US tour that former Guns N Roses guitarist Slash joined the group onstage in Los Angeles to perform 'Ace of Spades'. At end of March, Motorhead announced they were axing a number of American festival appearances due to "circumstances beyond our control."

As noted on their website, the next round of tour dates for the group kick off on June 24 in Milan, Italy while this coming September, the band will be hitting the high seas for the 'Motorboat' cruise.

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