Learn to juggle at Handshake.City with a donation-based class starting Wednesday, September 23, 2020, in a COVID-19 conscious environment.

On Wednesday nights from  6-7 pm starting on September 23 and running through Wednesday, October 21, you're invited to join the juggling workshops at Handshake.city. Who knows where this new skill could take you!

The Handshake.City Facebook page says sessions will be focused on ball/object juggling. Lessons include making your own props, 1-ball combos, self-paced development of 2, 3, 4 ball tricks, exploring practical life lessons from juggling and learning with and through the community.

You're asked to bring your own balls or props like socks, rocks, lemons, etc. - or make your own using a half cup of sand, rice, or birdseed and a balloon.

Your teacher is Utican Daniel Rudolph; he's an experienced juggler and practitioner of experiential learning. Daniel began his juggling journey in China and has since been an active participant in Flow Arts communities like Handshake.City.

Flow Arts are described as movement-based art forms that integrate creative exploration of movement with skill-based prop manipulation and are drawn from a multitude of ancient and modern movement disciplines from Maori poi spinning to modern fire dancing, from martial arts taichi, to circus arts and hula hooping. It's a new way to explore and interact with the physical world.

Flowtoys says for many, Flow Arts is a way to achieve the mind-state known as “flow,” a state of optimal experience, also known as "the zone" or getting in a groove.

Classes will be held outdoors but will move inside the warehouse if necessary due to inclement weather. Pre-registration is requested for the donation-based juggling seminars at http://handshake.city/register/juggle/, but walk-up participants are welcome. Come when you can!

Let us know how it works out!

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