Looking for lake front property here in Central New York? You could own this beautiful home in Western New York that has private access to Lake Delta.

If you've wanted to own a beautiful home off of Lake Delta, enter “Wakefield Landing” a custom designed, and meticulously built Lake Home with 800 feet of lake frontage. This home is for sale with David Paciello and One Realty Partners. The home is currently listed at $850,000.

Boasting three floors of luxury living. High ceilings and neatly exaggerated thresholds adorn your first floor. Custom Anderson 400 Series windows give panoramic views. In the kitchen, you have all the latest amenities, even the most discerning chef would approve.

On the 2nd story, rests your Master Suite, complete with balcony overlooking the Lake below. Natural light floods the suite, and the vaulted ceilings accent the lavish nature of this quiet oasis. The other bedrooms complete the 2nd story, with spacious living areas, custom built-in shelving, and plenty of closet space.

The 3rd floor room is a distinct refuge, boasting serenity and tranquility as it overlooks the home below."

This home has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and of course access to Lake Delta.

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Check out some of these amazing photos from inside:

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