It seems at every big sporting event the "Kiss Cam" is a fan favorite. Sometimes we get the pleasure of seeing something crazy or hilarious when an unsuspecting couple gets their close up and are expected to give each other a smooch. It doesn't always go as planned and in this case, it may have ended a relationship.

That dude was stunned when he looked over and saw his girl really going at it with a random stranger! This was probably the most exciting thing to happen at the Knicks game considering their off to one of the worst starts in team history. Word to the wise from this video; if you bring a girl to a sporting event and you happen to get lucky enough (or in some cases unlucky enough) to get on the legendary "Kiss Cam," just pucker up and DO IT! It may be your last chance to kiss that person again.

There have been some staged "Kiss Cam" moments recently, including the "Benny the Bull" instance at a Celtics vs. Bulls game. I hope that this isn't fake, but even if it was...HILARIOUS!