Move over dart or pool leagues, a new bar called 'Kick Axe' (nice one, guys) recently opened in the Bronx that features none other than AXE THROWING ranges!

Now, logic would dictate that alcohol and axes don't mix well, but then again lots of havoc can be still be wreaked with whatever an intoxicated person happens to be holding if and when they go berserk. I'm sure bars that offer axe-throwing have mad security protocols in place, but my first reaction to this was akin to someone telling me that they were gonna streak naked with raw meat attached to their bodies in a lion enclosure at a zoo. I've been to gun and archery ranges too and I'm pretty sure that none of them ever had a bar on premises much less encouraged drinking and shooting at the same time.

That said, a quick visit to the Kick Axe site reveals it as a family-friendly axe-throwing venue that HAS a bar rather than a bar that has axe-throwing so I'll get off my soapbox about that one. Although, you DO have to sign a waiver which I'm pretty sure you don't have to do when booking your kid's birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. They may be on to something though as this particular incarnation of the axe-throwing craze is so successful after just a couple of months in business that they're opening another location in Washington DC this coming Spring.

Now that I think about it too, the Renaissance Faire has similar attractions while allowing you to walk around with beers, but that isn't the expressed PURPOSE of the place. Anyway, can you picture axe throwing at your favorite bar or any of the joints on Varick Street? Weigh in, er I mean throw in your axe and let us know if we're on target or not about this!


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