Bacon Scented Underwear, Naked Bacon Cooking Armor, and Bacon Scented Pillowcases are now available. For that person who has everything, and loves bacon.

Ladies, you no longer have to put bacon in your purse or use the bacon grease as your fragrance! Remember the Taco Bell commercial 'Guys Love Bacon'? Either way it's FUNNY (and attached at the bottom)!!!

Marrying the ultimate in comfort and cured meat, J&D’s Bacon Scented Underwear represents the gold standard of meat-scented luxury undergarments. It’s like a hot frying pan in your pants if that's what you like.

For the small price of $19.99 you can own or give the gift of bacon panties. According to J&D's website:

The smell of bacon will last through multiple wash cycles and wearings – depending on the number of wearings and (ahem) strength of your own scent, your underwear should continue to smell like bacon for up to 6 months or even a year

Make sure the new owner of these undergarments also receive these warnings as per J&D's

  • If you have a large dog with razor sharp teeth, please do not fall asleep in J&D’s Bacon Scented Underwear.
  • J&D’s Bacon Scented Underwear is not recommended for people in the following professions: mail carriers, zookeepers, veterinarians, dog catchers and walkers, and circus performers (especially lion tamers).
  • If you are hiking in the woods where bears are known to roam, please do not wear Bacon Scented Underwear without also carrying a firearm.

If that's not enough bacon for you. You can also purchase the Bacon Scented Pillowcase for $12.99. It will give you sweet dreams or heartburn; either way don't eat the pillow in your sleep!

The future of sleep is here, and… it smells like cured meat. Bacon Scented Pillowcases use advances in printing technology they stole from NASA to allow the scent of bacon to permeate your dreams and expand your mind. That’s right, the unmistakable scent of Bacon is embedded in the ink on these specially printed pillowcases.

The owners of J&D's say they're just two regular guys who won money on America’s Funniest Home Videos and used it to launch their first product, Bacon Salt which makes everything taste like bacon. They have tons of bacon products including another undergarment called Naked Bacon Cooking Armor. Ummmm interesting to say the least.

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