There is no one more famous in Western New York right now than Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

He is playing at an MVP level, his team is the odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl, and tons of kids were dressed up as him for Halloween.

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So when he says something, people listen and they also want to know what his favorite things are as well.

The other day, Josh was on a podcast with NFL Network personality Kyle Brandt and was asked what his favorite sauce is.

Being in Buffalo, for sure I thought he would say hot, medium, or mild. Maybe a garlic parm or some other type of wing sauce. I mean we are in Buffalo, and all sauces revolve around wings, right?

Well, Josh's answer to his favorite sauce will shock many Western New Yorkers. Check out what he said.


Did the "King of Buffalo" just say that his favorite sauce is A1? Now he did kind of get led to that answer because Kyle mentioned it first while Josh was thinking but again, how could someone who has embraced Buffalo like Josh has, say A1 is his favorite sauce?

The good news is that he doesn't use it for his steak, only his fries. but here in Buffalo, we use brown gravy to dunk our fries in. Come on Josh, the only answer to that question is Frank's Hot Sauce.

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