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Jerry Cook is often called one of the most consistent performers in the history of NASCAR's Modified Series winning it's title 6 times. 

According to Eastern Motorsport:

"Cook won the NASCAR National Modified title six times (1971-1972 & 1974-1977). But he was also second six times and third twice which meant that hefinished in the Top-3 in NASCAR’s National Modified Championship from 1969 until he retired after the 1982 season."


He built his first Modified at the age of 13 while hanging around the racing garage of Cam Gagliardi, but didn't start driving the #38 until 1963. Even back in the 50's and 60's 13 was way to young to be a race car driver. He worked his way up the ranks racing on dirt (won the track championship at Utica-Rome Speedway in 1969 ) asphalt. He was a force to reckoned with on both. His stats show he won a total of 342 short-track feature events and  finished in the top-10 in an amazing 85 percent of his races.

Check out the awesome photo's of Jerry Cook:

This is not his first hall of fame award. According to Wikipeda

Jerry Cook is still remains with NASCAR as competition administrator.

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