There is something that each and every one of us has experienced, whether you have  been driving for one year or 40 years. Something that just happens from time to time and we give it very little thought as we continue down the road. What are those black cables that are occasionally stretched across the roads of New York?

There are several different theories as to what these tubes represent and what their function is. Many think that they can track your speed and if you are over the limit you will get a ticket in the mail? Part of that is accurate. Let's explore.

According to the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) these cables are "short count data collection devices" with the purpose of collecting traffic data over a short period of time. Exactly what data is being collected?

These "road tubes" collect information, with an Automatic Traffic Recorder, regarding how fast you are traveling and how many vehicles travel this specific roadway. Data is collected in each direction of the roadway every 15 minutes. So will you get a ticket if you are speeding? CityofBloomingtonMN

Although these road tubes can determine speed of travel, it appears that the data collected in this regard is used for potential speed limit or road condition adjustments. The data could help determine whether the speed limit should be raised or lowered in that specific area.

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