Check your first aid kits and make sure your bandages aren't causing more harm to you than good.

When it comes to taking care of your self putting a band aid or bandage on is probably one of the first things we learn how to do. Paper cut? Band aid. Scrape your knee? Band aid. Cut yourself on an empty beer can? Band aid...but also probably stitches. Maybe see a doctor.

Any aids and first aid are a major part of each household and office building here in New York and beyond. Could they actually be causing you more harm than actual healing?

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A new study on PFAS says that bandages from both Curad and Band-Aid could actually contribute to causing some cancers. The reports states that 26 bandages were found to have high levels of organic fluorin. That gave them enough evidence to conclude that they are forever chemicals.

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What are forever chemicals?

Those are chemicals, that, well, last forever. And since the band aids are placed on open wounds those forever chemicals, or PFAS, can enter the blood stream and last inside the human body for a number of years. They've been linked to reproductive issues, obesity, and some cancers.

Where did they come from?

They were first developed to resist stains, heat, oil, and water. After that they were used in things like adhesives, food packaging, and non-stick cookware. What they have to power to do is cling to healthy tissue and cause damage over time. Out of 40 brands tested 18 were linked to these and 26 of their types of bandages were testing positive.

This is both eyeopening and scary. I know next time I have a cut I will go for the ace bandage instead of a band aid just in case.

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