According to major food experts, a pizza sold in new york is a "textural masterpiece" and is the #1 pizza in America.

Eat This, Not That polled chefs across the country to determine not just where the best pizza is in the country, but where one can chow down on the best slice of all.

In recent years, several states have been vying for New York's pizza crown, such as Connecticut and California.

As a CT-native and pizza connoisseur, I fully admit my state sells the best there is and I will fight people who think white clam pies are disgusting. Don't knock it 'til you try it.

Stephen Taaffe
Credit: Stephen Taaffe

That aside, I am no trained chef and my opinion pales in comparison to those who have studied under the culinary masters. When ETNT asked these kitchen juggernauts to tell them who sells the best pizza slice of all, this bougie joint in New York took home the top prize.

In all, six restaurants made the prestigious list of 22 places that serve America's best pizza and the chefs say they're all worth a pilgrimage.

These 6 New York Restaurants Sell the Best Pizza in America

Eat This, Not That asked chefs across the U.S. to reveal who sells the best slice of pizza. Six pizzerias in NY made the cut. Do you agree these places sell the best of the best?

Gallery Credit: Megan

Of course, New York pizza is more than just what you can grab in the city and there's several delicious joints here in Upstate New York.

Also, Central New York is home to a fairly large slice of pizza history that deserves national recognition.

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Not only that, New York is home to several variations of pizza, from the classic tomato pie and beyond.  Check out all the styles NY has to offer by embarking on this ultra-unique "pizza trail" that includes 62 restaurants worthy of a stop!

New York State's Ultimate Pizza Trail With 62 Stops

We decided to have ChatGPT, the magic A.I. of the internet, pick one pizza place in every single county in New York State. We asked ChatGPT to create the ultimate road trip choosing places that were historic, well reviewed, and very popular. Let us know on our station app how ChatGPT did. Here's that list of 62:

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

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