Summer is around the corner and you may be tempted to do something out-of-the-ordinary this year... here's 10 incredible things you can do here locally.

The long-predicted consumer pullback is finally happening, with Americans being a lot more choosy with how they spend their money. With gas prices expected to hit record highs this summer, in addition to new tolls and inflation - any lofty travel plans are most likely on hold.

It's no question people want to try something exciting and new. One can go to the movies or local lake only so many times before thinking, "Okay, what else is there to do?"

The good thing about New York is it's home to many incredible attractions that can't be found anywhere else. So save that gas money and enjoy a staycation by visiting these 10 local attractions that are guaranteed to make you leave with a huge smile on your face.

10 Thrilling Things to Do in Upstate New York This Summer

Gallery Credit: Megan

With the age of social media, FOMO is a real thing. Instead of scrolling through your feeds and wishing you had the time or money to do something fun, these 10 local attractions will make you feel like a kid again while getting a kick out of summer.

Even better, these 10 attractions are super flexible and can work for family trips to the perfect proposal spot.

Either way, it's good to be in New York this summer because there's so many awesome things to do nearby. Grab your camera and go have a blast!

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