Looking for a unique experience this summer? Consider renting an entire movie theater here in Upstate New York.

We mean, think of it like this- you could spend $99 for just you and a date this summer. OR, you could rent an entire theatre out for you and a ton of friends......or just you and your date.

Did you know you can rent an entire movie theater for just $99 here in Upstate New York?

You might remember back in 2020, AMC Theatres began its "Private Theatre Rentals" Program during the pandemic. They are bringing it back now through the end of August 2023.

Here's how it works:

- You reserve a theatre online. For us in New York, only one theatre is available. That would be AMC Saratoga Springs 11.
- Choose a movie from AMC's collection.
- Add a party pack to save on snacks.
- You can also get snacks and drinks at the concession booth during your reserved time.

Note that pricing could vary based on movie selection, group size, and theatre location. Plus, same-day theatre rentals are not a thing.  Up to twenty people are allowed in your party.

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