Living in Upstate New York has it's advantages when it comes to trash. Our cities and towns are pretty clean. However, five New York State cities did make the list of the dirtiest in America. One of those cities is right smackdab in Central New York.

LawnStarter ranked 2023’s Dirtiest Cities by comparing more than 150 major cities in America. They scored each city in four categories: pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction. From their findings, five New York cities made the list. One of those five, are located right here in Central New York:

New York Dirtiest Cities Rankings

10th place went to Yonkers with an overall score of 46.36.

12th place went to New York City itself with an overall score of 46.19

80th place went to Rochester with an overall score of 33.28.

112th place went to Syracuse with an overall score of 29.13.

147th place went to Buffalo with an overall score of 22.21.


Where Was The Dirtiest City In America?

Houston, we have a problem. Houston in Texas ranked number one:

Space City lands at the top of our ranking’s trash heap as America’s Dirtiest City. Among the 152 cities we ranked, Space City is the third most polluted. Houston ranks third worst in greenhouse gas emissions from large industrial facilities. The city has the biggest cockroach problem, too, according to the Census Bureau."

Despite those negatives mentioned above, people in Houston are still more satisfied with the cleanliness of their city than the residents of 33 other big cities. Yes, you read that correctly.

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