The moose are on the move in Central New York.

It's not uncommon to see moose Upstate in the Adirondacks. But it's rare to see one in the Central New York region.

Carla Mondi Kolwaite captured a moose walking across West Steuben Road in Barneveld. "I never thought I'd ever see one so close."

She wasn't the only one who stopped to take pictures either.

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A car pulled over to the side of the road so the passengers could get out and take their own shots to capture the majestic moment.

Credit - Becky Covey
Credit - Becky Covey

Rut Season Starting

Moose wander further than normal between Lador Day and Columbus Day during the he breeding season, or rut.

Bulls compete for cows by sparring with each other, with older, larger bulls usually doing most of the breeding. A single bull may breed with five or six cows during the rut.

RichardSeeley/Think Stock
RichardSeeley/Think Stock


Early Bird Catches Magical Moose Moment

The early bird may catch the worm. But the early riser catches magical moments.

Lance Cole noticed a man fishing in a canoe while enjoying a cup of coffee at his cabin at Chimney Mountain. "I saw a black object in a place where there were no stumps."

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Cole grabbed binoculars to see what it was. The object turned out to be a moose.

"The first one I've ever seen. I grabbed my camera and started taking photos."

Fisherman Gets Up Close Look at Majestic Moose in the Adirondacks

Moose on a Beach

Another early riser caught his own magical moment when he came across a moose strolling along a New York beach.

Neal Larkin opens the gates at Port Henry Beach where he works every morning. One morning he noticed what he thought was a horse standing out on the old steamboat pier.

"After a closer look, I was like that's a moose."

Check out Larkin's personal moose shoot from the Port Henry beach.

Moose on Loose Strolls New York Beach

A moose was captured wandering Port Henry beach before heading back home to the forest where she belonged. An employee preparing to open the gates captured the majestic animal early one morning.

Fisherman Catches Magical Moment

Another fisherman caught more than fish on Cranberry Lake in St Lawrence County.

Sonny McPherson noticed a moose a couple of hundred yards from shore.

"I immediately shut the motor off and used the trolling motor to quietly get close enough to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment with my camera zoomed in."

The moose climbed ashore and finished swimming to the other side of the lake. McPherson didn't follow. He continued to watch from a safe distance.

Report Moose

If you see a moose, you're asked to report it to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). They are conducting a multi-year research project to obtain information on the status of New York State's moose population, the health of the moose, and the factors that influence moose survival and reproductive rate.

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If you see a moose, never approach it. Bull (male) moose can be very aggressive, especially in late Fall during the rut.

Hiker Comes Within 5 Feet Of Adirondack Male Moose

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