There's dumb hunters out there... and then there's this guy.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Officers (ECOs) are always on watch, doing everything they can to protect our wildlife. They know the rules when it comes to hunting, regardless of the animal.

So, it was no surprise what they caught this hunter doing was not only dumb, but illegal.

Aaron Brewer from Pexels
Aaron Brewer from Pexels

Nothing But Noodles

ECOs Adam Johnson and Jason Smith were recently notified of someone allegedly baiting bears in the Town of Saugerties. Not only that, but they were also told the man was using noodles to do it.

Confused, but also aware of the laws against baiting, the two ECOs set off to find the hunter in question.

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They both walked along the edge of a cornfield where the baiting was reported, until they eventually found the hunter in his post. Just 75 yards in front of the hunter on the farm road, the ECOs also found a pile of noodles.

The hunter's excuse... now that'll make you laugh.

Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

He Was Hungry

When asked where the noodles came from, the man claimed he had brought them to eat for lunch. Sure dude... there's nothing like cold, plain noodles to munch on when hunting. Not to mention eating them off the ground, if he was staying true to his word.

Believe it or not... the officers didn't buy a second of it.

ECO Johnson issued two tickets to the hunter for hunting bear with the aid of pre-established bait and failing to wear a back-tag.

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