A woman in hospice care got one final wish thanks to the Wild Animal Park.

Lee Anne loved sloths. So much so she even had a stuffed one that she named Sofie. Her last wish was to see one in person. But since she was in hospice care the sloth had to come to her.

The Wild to the Rescue

Lee Anne's family reached out to The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango, New York to see if they could make her wish come true.

We don’t offer encounters off zoo grounds and our initial thought was to decline, until we found out this encounter was different.

The staff at The Wild figured out how to grant Lee Anne's wish. Traveling with a sloth isn't easy but they quickly came up with a plan.

Sebastian Travels to Rochester

Sebastian, one of the sloths at The Wild, and a couple of keepers made the trip to Rochester to meet Lee Anne.

We had the privilege of fulfilling one of her final wishes and bringing some joy and comfort to Lee Anne and her family at such a difficult time.

Credit - Wild Animal Park via Facebook
Credit - Wild Animal Park via Facebook

Lee Anne Passes Away

Sadly 2 days after Lee Anne's sloth encounter she passed away. In her honor, the newest sloth born at The Wild has been named Sofie, after Lee Anne's stuffed one. Now every time a guest meets Sofie, her memory will carry on.

We feel we did what any good person or business would’ve done given the opportunity. Sometimes in life you get the opportunity to brighten someone’s day that is struggling or going through tough times, we encourage you to take the opportunity.

Rest in Peace Lee Anne.

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