Three of the 10 best food festivals in the country can be found in New York.

The Empire State is full of diverse cultures and plenty of ethnic food. From the big city to small towns, there's food, art, and music that takes you on a trip around the world without even leaving your backyard.

USA Today ranked the top 10 food festivals that highlight the cuisine of cities across the United States. Three are in New York, including the best of the best.

No. 8: International Taste Festival - Syracuse, New York

The International Taste Festival is held at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, New York.

It's a great place to sample homegrown favorites as well food from around the globe, all for a reasonable price. Live entertainment and a 5K/10K race add to the fun.

2024 marked the third annual International Taste Festival and it's the second year in a row the festival has been named the 8th best festival in the country.

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Credit - International Taste Festival/Facebook
Credit - International Taste Festival/Facebook

No. 3: Taste of Buffalo - Buffalo, New York

Taste of Buffalo fell to the #3 spot this year after being named the best of the best, grabbing the top spot in 2023.

The largest two-day food festival will be held July 13-14 this year. Visitors can enjoy regional specialties like beef on a weck, sponge candy, and of course, Buffalo wings that can be paired with wines from New York State vineyards.

The event also raises scholarship money for college students looking to get into the hospitality and culinary arts field.

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Credit - Taste of Buffalo
Credit - Taste of Buffalo

No. 1: Queens Night Market - Queens, New York

The Queens International Night Market is a large open-air night market with nearly 100 vendors selling everything from tasty food to local art every week.

It's all to celebrate the rich cultural diversity and heritage of New York City and the Queens borough and it's been named the best of the best for 2024.

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Credit - Queens Night Market via Facebook
Credit - Queens Night Market via Facebook

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