Peter Gabriel has released another song from his upcoming i/o album. You can listen to "This Is Home" below. It's the 10th track to be released during 2023's full moons.

"It's a love song," Gabriel explained. "It began with inspiration from some of the great Tamla Motown rhythm sections so we're trying to recreate that in a modern way, complete with the tambourine and handclaps. The groove I like a lot, Tony Levin does a great bass part there.

"I did an unusual thing for me in that I tried doing this low voice/high voice thing, so you get this almost conversational voice at the beginning and the second part is a higher, more emotional voice. I thought that would be both intimate and emotive to put the two side by side."

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Although Skrillex doesn't appear on the final track, "This Is Home" was partially inspired by the Los Angeles DJ and producer, who Gabriel says visited him in his studio to work on another song.

"He was trying to encourage me to write a song about staying up all night in a nightclub and that sort of thing, but that's not really my life, so I made it more about family and home, and I like it," Gabriel said. "Though we took the song in this other direction, it was an interesting experience nonetheless, and I think it is good for me to be taken outside my normal comfort zone sometimes."

Peter Gabriel's 2023 Tour

Gabriel is currently on a tour of North America, which has dates scheduled until Oct. 21. He's debuted several songs from i/o on the tour.

"It's been a while and I am now surrounded by a whole lot of new songs and am excited to be taking them out on the road," Gabriel said when the tour dates were announced. "Look forward to seeing you out there."

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