If you were wondering, it looks like Mars is actually warmer than Central New York this week.

As high temperatures barely squeak past 20 degrees °F this week in Central New York, many people may be left looking for an escape from this planet of cold. Take a trip to Mars this week, because it's actually warmer.

Currently, WPDE reports that the Mars's Curiosity Rover, currently located in the Gale Crater, registered a high temperature of 23 degrees °F. At the time of this story (10:50AM) Rome is currently at 12 degrees °F.

It's not uncommon for temperatures on Mars to be warmer than cities across Earth.

In fact, many times Mars reaches a high temperature in the 20s during their Martian summers. But the shear amount of how many millions of Americans are experiencing temperatures colder than Mars is what's fascinating to many."

Currently Central New York has a Wind Chill Warning from the National Weather Service 2PM Wednesday - 6Pm Thursday January 31st. Wind chills of
20 below to 30 below zero expected.

So let's go to Mars and warm up!

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