National Vacation Day is here and with the weather it's easy to think of some place a lot warmer. Did you know that each year Americans leave more than 600 million vacation days unused? It seems we feel guilty about taking the days we've earned.

This is the National Plan For Vacation  Day the last Tuesday in January. The idea here is to plan time off for the rest of the year. If we don't plan we will end up losing what days we have earned. It's no wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are crazy and chained to our desks.

I'll bet you've noticed that most companies no longer let you carry over vacation days all the more reason to plan your time off now not later.

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The first step is to figure out how many days of vacation you have coming to you. Don't forget to tally in National days off so you can incorporate those days and stretch your overall days off to the max.

The second step is sure to get in touch early with pet sitters, house sitters and the like as you'll find they book up quickly and that takes vacation days out of the mix and you lose in the long run.

Take into consideration the family when trying to putt together a vacation together as the kids need a break as much as the adults do. Maybe it's time the kids stayed with the Grandparents rather than going on vacation with the parents. The ages will determine if that is a viable plan. Then again it's a family vacation.

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Once you get everything planned out take your notes and talk to your boss or your co-workers. If it all fits then start counting the days till you leave. Remember, you can never start planning too soon.

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