Governor Cuomo looked ahead to the upcoming warm weather today, planning reopening dates for amusements parks and overnight summer camps.

During a conference call on Wednesday, Cuomo announced that indoor entertainment centers will be able to reopen starting March 26 at 25 percent capacity, while outdoor amusement parks will reopen April 9 at 33 percent capacity. Social distancing, temperature checks, and enhanced cleaning and sanitizing protocols must be followed and masks must be worn. Attractions that cannot keep with social distancing or sanitizing guidelines must remain closed for the time being.

Cuomo also announced a tentative reopening date for overnight summer camps, noting that they can plan on reopening June as long as the current infection rate continues on its downward trajectory and the state continues keeping "one eye on these [COVID-19] variants." Overnight summer camps will be required to implement a testing protocol as well.

"No parent is going to send their child to a summer camp unless there's a testing protocol anyway," Cuomo said during the conference call.

Last Wednesday, the governor announced that arenas and stadiums in New York will be able to reopen for live music and sports starting February 23. Venues will be able to reopen at 10 percent capacity in spaces that hold more than 10 thousand people. Face coverings, social distancing and temperature checks will be required, along with assigned, socially-distanced seating, and all attendees must have a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the event.

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