Every Sunday morning my husband and I go to Wendy's Diner in Cassville. I always order the Eggs Benedict with crispy hash browns. That's my absolute favorite. It's a Sunday tradition. If the kids are home with their friends they come to. Shane's favorite is the Stop, Drop and Roll. That's about 3 plates of food. LOL

The waitresses know what I want every time we're there. Douglas likes to pick off my plate. Basically just take what he wants but he knows better when it comes to my Eggs Benedict. It's a huge huge portion at Wendy's and I eat every bite. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!. Is it Sunday Yet?

Cindy McMullen/TSM

National Eggs Benedict Day is celebrated annually on April 16.   It is a day set aside to enjoy poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce and Canadian bacon or ham on English muffin halves.

There are two different stories as to how Eggs Benedict came to be.

  • In  1894 stock broker Lemuel Benedict, ordered “buttered toast,, poached eggs, crisp bacon, and a side of Hollandaise”  at the Waldorf Hotel.  They were so impressed with the dish that they put it on the menu substituting  ham and English muffins in place of the bacon and toast.
  • In the early 18th century, Pope Benedict XIII liked an egg dish so much that he requested it time and time again.  It is also believed that Pope Benedict XIII had an illness which added to his desire for this particular egg dish.  (now known as Eggs Benedict)
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If you want to try and make it yourself I found a fairly simple video for you but I'm going to Wendy's Diner on Sunday mornings!!