It costs absolutely nothing to be nice to our fellow human beings, so why don't we?Why don't we try to be nicer at least once a day? Maybe the old adage, if someone is being nice then they must want something from me really is true.

I think it's all about choice. We have to decide if we want to be nice. The world, in this case your office or town' doesn't know what is going on with you, your family or friends. We all react to what is going on in our own world without really thinking how that will impact our friends and family.

I wonder sometimes if we really don't care and assume when someone is nice they want something in return. If someone says "have a nice day," are they a jerk because they don't really mean what they say based on what is happening in their own life. I think, or at least hope if they knew then their response would be much different.

Try this experiment, if someone makes eye contact, smile and say good morning. If you're at the grocery store and the person behind you has a loaf of bread and you have a basket full of items, invite them to go in front of you. You'll be surprised the response you get.

You don't even have to make verbal contact to get a response. Say that person waiting to merge into traffic from a parking lot and no one waves them through, invite them to go in front of you. Don't be the person that takes the last cup of coffee from the break room. If you do, make a new pot.

It really costs nothing to be polite or courteous. Holding or opening the door for the person behind you can make all the difference for the person you helped.

Oh, by the way have a nice day.




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