What do you think about V-Day? Do you think it's more about commercialism than romance?

Jewelry stores, restaurants, and florists LOVE Valentine's Day, but how do you feel?  The National Retail Federation (NRF) projects U.S. consumers will spend a total of $18.2 billion on their valentines this year. Over $4 billion on will be spent on jewelry, $2 billion on flowers not to mention all the chocolate and lingerie. The break down from 2017 was $136.57 per person buying for their significant other, children, parents, pets, friends and co-workers.

Sure, we all want to feel loved, appreciated, and whisked away on a romantic trip with our lover. It's fantastic to get flowers because your special someone is thinking of you but is it realistic? What if your spouse is a bah humbug?

Take our poll so we know where CNY stands on Valentine's Day for once and all.

Let us know your thoughts (or rant) in the comments!

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