I get my Oreos from Hannaford and not like they're hard to obtain, but say you've just eaten your last cookie and then the doorbell rings and the mailman hands you another package! There's obviously more to it than that but in a world where everything comes to your door, why not Oreos too?

It's more like a monthly cookie club where inside your box is a couple of Oreo flavors that you might not've tried before, a non-edible Oreo-themed gift and a recipe card which presumably outlines new ways to eat Oreos. You provide the milk though. How much? Well, you can't go by-the-month per-se but must pick quarter-year, half-year and whole year subscriptions which comes out to apx. $30 a month, no matter which one you choose (hey, no discounts??)

The first ones start shipping on Feb 1, so sign up soon HERE and get the milk ready!


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