Well, if quitting smoking is your goal, and you can’t think of an easier way of doing it, maybe you want to try this, however I must say this is definitely to the extreme.

But hey, if it works, it could very well become a trend.  Let’s hope not.    31-year-old Etta Lopez of Sacramento, California wanted to quit smoking.

So here’s an idea…get thrown in jail where smoking is not allowed.  How did she get thrown in jail?  She slapped a police officer.  Yep, that would do it.  She actually told the cop that she wanted to go to jail where she would be forced to go without cigarettes.

It worked…partly…the downside is she’s in JAIL!  Hmmm, didn’t think too much about that part, huh?  Maybe I’ll be doing a follow up story later indicating that it worked.  We’ll see.

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