Is the IRS closed for Tax season until January 31st (1/31)? We found out something interesting.

Over the weekend, I attempted to do my taxes nice and early. Only problem, even though I did them early, the IRS won't process them until the 31st. Here's the message I received:

TurboTax will keep your completed tax returns safe and secure until the IRS begins processing on January 31. Don't worry, you're still at the head of the line. As soon as the IRS opens, we'll send your returns."

Interesting... They won't even look at them till the 31st. But why?

According to CNN, the start of the 2014 tax season will be delayed because of the Government Shutdown from 2013. The government closure came during the period of time that the IRS actually was preparing IRS systems for the 2014 filing season.

That means the IRS will start accepting and processing returns somewhere between Jan. 28 and Feb. 4. The agency said it is working to minimize the delay, While you can still send in a paper return any time, the IRS won't look at it until the season officially starts. And e-filing won't be available until then either."

Thanks Uncle Sam!


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