J. Meric/Getty Images

Katie Couric landed the major first televised interview with Mant Te'o. During her interview Katie asked questions that everyone wanted to know the answers about. She bravely asked the question "Are you gay?". Manti's response was very strange, and pretty uncalled for. Manti wanted it to be made clear that he is not gay. 

If you watch the video above, the question is asked about 40 seconds in. Manti laughs it off and thinks its ridiculous that she even asked it. His answer was the following:

"No. Far from it. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from it."

Mind you he laughed when he answered this, as if it was ridiculous she asked it. So ridiculous, right? Because dating a woman that never existed isn't ridiculous. Dating someone you only saw pictures of isn't ridiculous. Asking a serious question that could explain a lot however is ridiculous.

Even his answer to what he would say to the person that set up the prank was really odd. TMZ has that video:

This whole story get's weirder by the day.