I've been going to the IHOPs for YEARS and it's hard for me to imagine a different name on the sign!Wait, what? No, the store isn't closing, but they (IHOP national) did announce via their social accounts that they are going to be changing their long-standing name after over a half-century in business.

I can't imagine why in the world they'd wanna rebrand at all, but they're not doing it completely, just changing a single letter out of the four: The 'P' at the end is going to become a 'B' and they're not saying what the new letter stands for until Monday! Logic would dictate that it stands for 'breakfast', but there are plenty of words in the English language that start with that letter. If it IS breakfast, yes the chain does do quite a bit of breakfast foods BESIDES pancakes and some lunch dishes too... Or, maybe this is just a marketing ploy and the name isn't really changing at all. After all, it's going to prove extremely expensive to rebrand over a single letter...

What do you think?

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