They're being called Brood X, and people can't stop talking about them. Cicadas. It's not so much the Cicadas people can't stop talking about, really, as much as how many of them are supposed to "emerge" from their underground hibernation this year. Billions. Yes, billions with a 'B' and an 'S.' It's one reason that it could be the loudest summer ever. And, depending on how much of an adventurous palate you have, one of the tastiest.

If you've got a cicada infestation, you probably already have a way to deal with the dilemma sitting in your cupboard; Frank's RedHot.

You read that right. Frank's RedHot. They're about to release a digital cookbook this week on different ways to prepare and eat the little buggers, who spent the past 17 years burrowed underground, just waiting to tunnel to the surface as the temperatures warm up to molt, mate, and die. Franks RedHot is making that last part just a little more tasty with these recipes.

Sure, you can find chocolate-covered Cicadas all over the country. But nothing is more Buffalo than wing sauce. So if you're going to try something like Cicadas, it only makes sense to tackle it in true New York style. With recipes like Air-Fried Buffalo Cicada "Wings," Buffalo Bug Dip, Spicy Cicada Mary, and ten others, which has to be more than enough Brood X cuisine for even the most curious foodie.

With all the supply chain disruptions caused by Covid-19 in the past fourteen months, this is one ingredient that won't be hard to find this summer.

By the way, if you're wondering what they taste like, this much I can tell you; think fish taco with the fish flavor substituted for something more roasted. And a lot crunchier.

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